The day has finally come and the Grand Theft Auto Online Ill Gotten Gains update has finally arrived, and it’s being met with much fanfare from gamers the world over. The Ill Gotten Gains update for Grand Theft Auto Online, which is a free update, was just released yesterday on June 10th, and it added a ton of new vehicles to the already extensive list of transportation options in GTA Online.

New Vehicles


The new methods of transport include the Swift Deluxe Helicopter ($5.15 million), Luxor Deluxe private jet ($10 million), Enus Windsor car ($845,000), Albany Virgo American muscle car ($195,00), Benefactor Stirling GT ($975,00) and the Pegassi Osiris ($1.95 million)


New Weapon


The Grand Theft Auto Online Ill Gotten Gains update also includes a brand new gun called the Combat PDW submachine gun. PDW stands for Personal Defense Weapon, and the submachine gun comes equipped standard with a silencer for all you sneaky bastards out there, making this gun fast, powerful, and quiet as a church mouse.


GTA Online Ill Gotten Gains Event Weekend Part One


From June 12-14, Rockstar Games will be holding the first part of their GTA Online Ill Gotten Gains weekend, which will include double the money from Adversary Modes and double RP on races, giving you a chance to put your new luxury vehicles to the test against other racers. Also this weekend, you’ll be able to buy luxury properties for 25% off the asking price, which can actually save you a lot of greenbacks. There are even more cool opportunities to take advantage of this weekend, so clear your schedule and be sure to play the Grand Theft Auto Online Ill Gotten Gains event, starting this Friday.


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