Game: Hard Reset Redux
Developer: Flying Wild Hog
Publisher: Gambitious Digital Entertainment
Platforms: PC, PS4 (reviewed), Xbox One
Release Date: June 3, 2016

Hard Reset Redux is far off being an amazingly good game. However, there are many elements to its gameplay that leave us with a good feeling of satisfaction. Hard Reset Redux is an FPS, based around killing many, small (some large) robots.


Hard Reset, to me, feels like a game that is just nearly 100% going around on intense killing sprees. These, however, don’t often get quite boring and repetitive, but they could if you played this game for hours on end, as it is mainly just the same thing over and over again.

The game feels quite clunky, and the way you shoot isn’t too satisfying, if you compare it to other first-person shooters that have come out recently, such as “Doom.” It feels like an old game, which it essentially is, but it is very bearable and definitely not bad. On the other hand, it is very satisfying when you see all of the dead, steel bodies that you have just wrecked at the end of each level. That feeling is something that makes Redux a bit special.

The enemies are fairly easy to kill if they’re alone, no matter what the size, but they are very difficult to kill when they are all huddled up in one big group that charges at you with every opportunity. I did find myself dying because of their tactics a few times, but the checkpoints are very well spaced out, and if you need it, you can save your progress manually, so you don’t have to redo a whole mission if you die. Yet another feature that I like.

Each of the difficulty levels differ from each other, making the robots more aggressive as you go up a stage. If you put it on Normal difficulty, it can sometimes make you feel like you’re playing on the hardest, as the enemies will tend to swarm you more frequently, making it harder to stay alive.

You start out with two relatively powerful weapons, one being a Rapid-fire Machine Gun, and the other being an Energy Weapon that shoots out little balls of energy. The machine gun seemed to be a lot more useful than the energy weapon, as the enemies are nearly always in a group, so it is just easier to spray as many bullets as you can at them. This method may result in you needing to take a rest and grabbing yourself a glass of water when you’re done, as they all seem to circle around you, making your life a very difficult one indeed. However, if you really want to, you could be more tactical about how you play Hard Reset Redux, but that’s just the way I chose to go about playing it.

The two weapons will last you the entirety of the game, but they can be upgraded in many different ways to suit your needs, which, I guess, is a pretty nice feature. You can change the machine gun into a different type of gun, such as maybe a rocket launcher, and the same with the energy weapon. These upgrades can be done at the upgrade stations, where you spend your NANO which you can earn from kills and/or from finding them throughout the different levels. I didn’t find the NANO too hard to find, which meant that it was quite easy to upgrade my arsenal.

You can smash electronic objects around you which can make them shoot electronic coils at you and your enemies, which is actually a good form of attack against a massive swarm of enemies.

Once you lose your health, you can pick up health packs that are found scattered around the map to gain your health back. The same goes for your armour when you break that. However, you can still wait for it to come back manually, if you want to, or if you can’t find any packs around.


The storyline, isn’t something that I can praise this game highly for. To be quite honest, I still don’t quite know what’s going on with Hard Reset Redux’s storyline, but that didn’t really phase me. The comic book-like cut scenes which open every level are quite bad in my opinion. I often found myself skipping each one so I could get back to the fun killing spree, which is the game itself.

You don’t really miss anything if you do skip these cut scenes, so I advise you do so.

Even though these may be bad, it doesn’t take anything away from the satisfying feeling of killing lots of little robots.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics are nothing too special, but it is to be expected when you realise this game is essentially from a few years ago. I’ve heard the graphics have had to be downgraded to be put onto the PS4, but you can hardly tell unless you look at the two games compared to each other side by side. Either way, Hard Reset Redux still looks brilliant on my PlayStation 4.

The sound is also good. My only complaint, when it comes to sound, is the annoying sounds the protagonist makes. These aren’t really a feature that would make me not recommend this game, but it is still quite awkward when he does it.


Hard Reset Redux is a very good play for anyone looking for that classic shooter experience. The levels are all thrilling and satisfying when you complete them, which also coincides with the classic graphics and sound to make this game great.

I would recommend Hard Reset Redux to anyone that enjoys shooters, or to anyone that enjoyed the original, as it is essentially just an improved version of the game. It really stopped me from playing the other shooters that I often play, such as Overwatch and Battlefield, so it must be really good.

You can find links to where you can purchase the game here:

Hard Reset Redux
Hard Reset Redux is a very good play for anyone looking for that classic shooter experience. The levels are all thrilling and satisfying when you complete them, which also coincides with the classic graphics and sound to make this game great.
Good GraphicsOkay SoundExtremely Satisfying GameplayGreat Weapon CustomisationAmazing Enemy AIGood Balance of Weapons
Slightly Old and Clunky FeelNo MultiplayerStoryline's Quite Boring and Irrelevant
7.2Final Opinions
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