In the last 24 hours, Ubisoft has revealed, amazed, stirred debate—even some controversy—with the worldwide reveal of Far Cry 5. Yes, the long-awaited, highly rumored game for past couple of weeks is finally by the Montreal team reprising their role in lead-development—with aid from Ubisoft teams in Kiev, Toronto, Shanghai, and Reflection—the feedback from its presentation has been mainly positive, we here at IrrelevantGamer do think the story and setting looks promising.

We were first introduced to Hope County earlier this week when Ubisoft released 15 or less second teaser trailers welcoming us to the county located somewhere in the state of Montana. A surprising move from Ubisoft of not locating the game in the series traditional location of a desolated island in the Pacific. However, this small county lies one horrible and bleak treat to any prospector or simply anyone driving right by. With each game’s tone of survival and impending doom from a group of hellish thugs, this game looks to amp up the scenario with a craze religious/cult group called “The Project at Eden’s Gate” who’ve taken over the county and commit the heinous of acts upon the civilians who’re a part of that region.

Check out its reveal trailer down below:

Since the launch of its reveal trailer, Ubisoft went their way and revealed tons of upcoming features for the game. As with every Far Cry game, players will get the chane to drive vehicles, elimate the crazy cult followers all throughout the region, gunfights, boats, ATVs, big rigs, muscle cars, and the ability to fly planes and even engage in an aerial dogfight. With its massive world fill with rivers, mountains, forests, and farmlands the developers have revealed that players will have the chance to experience the game with a friend or stranger through co-op mode—this being optional of course.

We also know the player would be able to hire mercenaries, and even recruit specialized combat animals like cougars and bears—possibly even more. The map editor will also be coming back, giving the player a much need aid when creating additional playgrounds—we also know it’ll come included with newly added features which would be revealed at a later time.


Ubisoft also revealed key characters for next year’s game. These three character look to play a pivotal role in the game’s storyline—although we get bits of who they are and their purpose in Hope County, not much in general is given—which is good, wouldn’t want to ruin the plot of the just yet. Ubisoft have also announced that there will be more unique characters just like the three featured below revealed within the coming months.

Down below is a quick illustration from the developers of who these characters are and what they represent. You can also check out each individual character trailer.and Nick Rye.

Pastor Jerome Jeffries

Jerome was Hope County’s parish priest for more than 15 years, and was one of the first in the community to befriend Joseph Seed, the founder of The Project at Eden’s Gate. Before long, Jerome’s flock left to follow Joseph, and Jerome tried to take it in stride – until Eden’s Gate locked down the county. Not only did Jerome lose his church, but he was beaten and left for dead in the woods. Jerome survived and vowed to protect the cult’s intended victims, and as a Gulf War vet, he’s got the training and experience to lead Hope County back to the light.

Mary May Fairgrave

A lifelong resident of Hope County, Mary May used to own and operate her family’s saloon, The Spread Eagle. The bank foreclosed on the place after her parents died and money ran short, however, and Eden’s Gate took it over for pennies on the dollar. Watching the cult swallow up her birthright is a bridge too far, and she’s ready to take back the Eagle – and Hope County – by any means necessary.

Nick Rye

Nick comes from a long line of military pilots, and his decision not to enlist created a deep rift between him and his father. Instead, Nick took up the family legacy in a different way, waging war against farm pests as a cropduster pilot and trying to start a family with his wife, Kim. Lately, though, Eden’s Gate has been making his life difficult through its aggressive attempts to buy his cropdusting business, and as the situation in Hope County heats up, it seems war has finally come to Nick’s doorstep. And this time, he’s answering the call.

Main Character:

We did some bits of information for the game’s protagonist—which for the first time in its series, the player gets to choose the gender and perhaps appearance of his or her character. Although the games in the series don’t really put much focus on the main character, it usually leans more on the characters you encounter along the way—which are usually the highlight of the game.

So for the first time in its series, you the player, will have the chance to choose a gender for your specific character. We even know that the character you’ll build will be a Junior Deputy Police Officer for Hope County—your character will lead as some sort of Resistance leader in breaking free and liberating the community from the cult “Project at Eden’s Gate”. Would this mean our protagonist would play a larger role in the story to come? that’s yet unknown—our guess it’ll likely play out more as Fallout 4 and of course like the previous games in the series.

We also know some bits of the upcoming baddie of the game, our game’s antagonist—The Father. Leader of the Cult following group: Project at Eden’s Gate, Jospeph Seed (The Father) is said to be a merciless and manipulative leader, who believes “The Collapse” is imminent and he must save the people from Hope County from their demise and sin—some have imagined him a Negan-like character from the Walking Dead show.

Special Editions: 

Finally, we also know of the game’s upcoming Special Editions along with details for pre-order bonuses and the confirmation of its Season Pass.

By pre-ordering any version of the game, you’ll automatically be given the “Doomsday Prepper Pack” DLC, that includes a prepper outfit, gun, vehicle skin, and additional consumables. (seen the photo below:

Here’s a rundown of what’s been revealed in each edition of the game:

Standard Edition $59.99: Doomsday Prepper Pack—through Pre-order only

Deluxe Edition $69.99: Big Game Hunter Pack, Ace Pilot Pack, Explosive Pack, Chaos Pack, AR-C Assault Rifle, and .44 Magnum Handgun w/ Unique Skins.

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