After months of misleading information and half truths, it was finally revealed that Hideo Kojima has officially severed ties with Konami. Konami Holdings Corporation or just Konami for short, is a Tokyo based gaming development company that is known for its production of wildly popular games such as the Silent Hill series, the Metal Gear series, and Dance Dance Revolution.

Kojima, whose claim to fame was his work on the Metal Gear series, has officially started up his own game development company.

The news of Kojima’s departure from Konami should not come as a shock to anyone in the gaming industry. After the mysterious scrapping of Silent Hills (which I am still extremely bitter about) and the pulling of Kojima’s name from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’s credits it was very clear that the developer and the company were on unstable footing.

Konami attempted damage control when they repeated reported that Hideo Kojima was on some sort of vacation or leave of absence. One could only assume that it was the company’s way of saving face while they rode out the end of Kojima’s contract. All pretense of reconciliation between Kojima and the development company was shattered when they flat out refused to let Hideo Kojima accept his Best Action-Adventure award at the 2015 Game Awards for his work on Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

While the rights to Kojima’s pet project, Metal Gear, remain with Konami it is being reported that Kojima and his new development studio are in talks with Sony to produce content for the PlayStation.

Only time will tell how fruitful this partnership will be, but it’s been proven that Kojima does good work. Let’s see what he does with a fresh direction.

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