Game: Hitman GO: Definitive Edition
Developer: Square Enix Montreal
Publisher: Square Enix
Platforms: Android, PlayStation 4 (reviewed), iOS, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation Vita, Windows Phone, Linux
Initial release date: April 17 2014

Hitman GO is a completely different take on the popular game series, Hitman, which revolves around Agent 47. It still features all of the main elements a Hitman game should, just with a slight board game style twist.


Hitman GO’s gameplay feels like a game of chess or checkers, that being because everything is laid out on a board in front of you. The characters are little wooden figurines, just like those used in chess, and to take someone out it is just a little silent knock from behind that removes them from the board until the level is completed. When Agent 47 gets taken out, he falls over and the game resets after a couple of seconds. I feel that this is enough time to get your head back together and try again.

In Hitman GO, you have to try to work out where the guards are going to move. You’re always trying to stay out of their way whilst playing, making sure they don’t intercept your move towards the objective. If you’re around two blocks away, you’re safe. Quite often Agent 47 will have to move forward and back from 2 blocks to get the guards in the right position for him to strike.

There are two ways of playing Hitman GO, one of those being going all out and murdering every guard or just being sneaky and staying in the shadows. Sometimes, one of the level’s objectives may be to either kill all of the enemies, or kill no one at all. Whichever way you play it, you’re going to have to put your thinking cap on.

Each level gets progressively harder. It adds different features for you to try and get to grips with for each level. For example, at the starter levels, you don’t get things such as guard dogs or Sniper Rifles, but you do at the end of the game. This means that Hitman go has a good learning curve. However, this does come with a bad side, too. With each new addition that gets added, it means you have to do more trial and error to actually complete the level. This could become quite frustrating for some gamers that don’t have much patience.

Here’s a little clip of me getting 3 stamps on a level, so you can have a look at the style of the gameplay.


Each level in Hitman GO features 3 different objectives that you have to try to complete. Some examples of these are:

  • Kill all enemies
  • Don’t kill dogs
  • Collect Briefcase
  • Complete level within *number* of turns
  • And much more

This means that Hitman GO has a lot of replay value, as you can back and try again at each level to try and get the three objectives. Not to mention the fact that if you complete each objective on every level, you get a trophy for each chapter you complete. Therefore, if you’re a trophy hunter, this is a game for you.

In addition, there are seven chapters, most of them consisting of around 15 levels, so Hitman GO will keep you going for a long time!


Hitman GO is a beautifully simplistic game when it comes to visuals. It has a good mix of bright colours and simplistic details, which come together to make Hitman GO look beautiful.

There’s a large map for each of the 8 chapters that holds all of the levels. It has a nice look, and each of the levels takes you to a different part of the map. For example you could be at the front of a house at the start of a chapter, but then be in the back garden for the end of it.

It’s a different way of creating a Hitman game, but Square Enix nailed it perfectly.


The sound in Hitman GO is quite pleasant to listen to. There are a few different jazzy tracks to get you in the simplistic mood for the game, but some other more intense pieces for when you’re in an important mission.

The sound effects are also quite good. It makes the game feel even more like a game of chess with the way Agent 47 sounds when he moves, but also still gives you that realistic feel most Hitman games do. This is down to the sound effects of the guards in the game. When you throw an object, for example, the guards will give a slight “huh?” sound as if they’re confused. This, and many other sound effects, give Hitman GO a fine balance between immersion and realism.


Hitman GO is a very well thought out and made game. It features some very good graphics, nice sound and overall great gameplay. I would recommend Hitman GO to anyone looking for a light, but challenging play. I would also say it is a game for Platinum Trophy hunters, as you can quite easily get a platinum, once you get to grips with it.

Hitman GO Definitive Edition Review
Hitman GO is an easy and enjoyable for anyone. I would pick the game up from the store, if I was you.
Good GameplayGood Amount of levels for the priceGood Replayability
Graphics are a bit simplisticNo multiplayer
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