Weeks ago IO Interactive announced that on this day (Oct 24th), we the public we’re going to receive upcoming new information on content coming back to HITMAN. Well today, the developer has revealed what’s next in the world of Assassin, IO is bringing back their Elusive Targets contracts for a limited time next month, starting Nov 7th. That day also marks the release of the game’s Game of the Year Edition—which is set to include every content release since the game launched back in 2016.

And starting (again) in November, we will reactivate Elusive Targets, this is something our players have been asking for. So if you missed any Elusive Targets first time round or if you are new to HITMAN, then this is your chance to experience these intense time-limited in-game targets. Reactivated Elusive Target’s will still be time-limited and if you’ve already completed or failed an Elusive Target, that record still stands and cannot be altered but you can complete any others.   – IO Interactive

Hitman’s GOTY Edition launches at $60, however, users who purchased the Season Pass will receive it at $20. The edition comes jampack with all original seven locations, Challenge Packs which includes ‘Escalation Contracts’, lighting, and graphics enhancements, and a clown suit because why not. It’ll also come included with four new missions under the title ‘Patient-Zero’, with new dialogue, briefings, and audio tracks—along with added surprises in which IO promises to deliver when it launches. Check out its new trailer down below:

Hitman Game of the Year Edition launches on November 7th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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