It’s iPhone season everybody! Give Apple yet another round of applause! They have just introduced [partial] water resistance and added a second camera! After all, one just wasn’t enough!

If any of you thought that I was serious, I feel bad for you. This year, the iPhones live up to their all-too-popular trend of delivering a couple new features, but primarily focusing on downgrading their devices. This time around, Apple decided to punch their already reduced user-base in the mouth, and completely removed the beloved headphone jack.

Yes, you heard (or read) right – the rumors were true. On September 16th, Apple will officially begin to exclude built-in 3.5 mm headphone jacks from future phones. What are they replacing it with, you ask? Behold the AirPod…

… and wireless is right. AirPods are Crapple’s Apple’s brand new blue-tooth headphones that are sure to “revolutionize” the audio industry. Oh yeah, and they’ll run you an astounding $160. Not to mention the fact that these earbuds come with the classic Apple design, which often leads to them constantly falling out. YouTuber Matthew Santoro commented on Twitter:

“AirPods. The soon-to-be most lost item of 2016.”

I honestly could not agree more. Continuing on through Apple’s path of ruin, they throw in a little catch with the lightning port. Bluetooth has been supported across all iPhones for generations, without the need of extra devices. This frees up the port for charging, if you’d like. However, in order to use your Beats, older Apple earbuds, or Skull Candy’s (to name a few), then you’ll need to purchase a $10 adapter. Now, that’s bad enough, but here’s the best part – using the adapter to plug in headphones restricts you from being able to listen to music while charging, pressuring you into paying the $160.

They have finally secured their monopoly over the minds and wallets of the weak. Yes, I used to be ‘the weak’, but this recent announcement has really opened my eyes. I can finally see the monster that Apple has become.

Watch the full iPhone 7 reveal stream below:


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