Our Take On E3’s Biggest Announcements

This year’s E3 conferences were no exception when it came to big surprises and low expectations. Here at Irrelevant Gamer, we’ve chosen some of the highlighted moments from both the Playstation and Xbox One E3 conference and given them our take, with just a tiny trickle of critique.

By Harry & LA Prodigy 


                                 Sony’s E3 Conference Run Down


God of War:

Right off the bat the Playstation’s conference opened with a striking yet outstanding choir performance. Much to our understanding the music was to throw the audience back into the world of Kratos, this time much more grizzled and competent than before. I personally don’t find an issue with the change of settings from Greek mythology to Norse mythology. From what I take, Kratos could be living in isolation or has gone into hiding. Perhaps his son (most likely Zeus’s kid) has something to do with that.


Days Gone:

Developed by Bend Studios, this Playstation exclusive tricked the audience into assuming this was in some way a sequel to The Last of Us. Sadly no, but Days Gone does look promising, a World-War Z zombie apocalypse scenario, you play as a renegade drifter off to make it own his own and help others along the way. Also, an online mode not yet revealed but peaks an interest to see how a team of players would do with a horde of zombies launching at them.


Horizon: Zero Dawn:

With its unfortunate push back for 2017, we did get tons of new gameplay footage for one of next year’s highly anticipated games Horizon: Zero Dawn. The conference showcased an impressive new gameplay showing off its female protagonist against the dangers in its outer world. All with an incredible fighting system, hunt for resources and an immersive gameplay sure to keep players vigilant all across the immense open world.


Death Stranding:

To our surprise, renowned video game creator Hideo Kojima made an appearance during the Playstation conference and revealed what he and his independent studio has worked on these past months. Now, we’re not exactly sure what the game is about, however with some hints here and there it looks to be the game would base around the relativity of time and space, global warming, and naked Norman Reedus, all with a mix of sci-fi horror of course. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on everything related to Death Stranding. With Hideo Kojima, you’re either left mystified or amazed, most likely both.


Crash Bandicoot | Skylanders Imaginators:

Now this game could be highlighted as best and weak on our side. Don’t get us wrong, we’re stoked to see Crash back, news of him coming back as remastered is what raised an eyebrow to many gamers. Playstation fans were hoping to see Crash return with an all new reimagined version for a newer generation of players and the PS4. What we will get is all three installment of PS1 Crash Bandicoot remastered, and the character making an appearance in the Playstation exclusive title Skylanders Imaginators later this year.


Resident Evil 7:

Now, there has been some backlash by the fans for the series switching to First-person. However, the impressive gameplay shown does exclude most of the criticism being taken. Capcom has stated they’ve hoped to take the series back to original roots. Given as it may be, we hope Resident Evil 7 does what it’s wished upon by its developers. However, unsettled with the idea the game has gone another direction in keeping to its original Resident Evil lore that’s beloved in the early installments. Resident Evil 7 will also feature VR capability, which was incredibly highlighted at E3. To some degree, it does give the game much more credibility as a VR experience nonetheless. We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for more news on behalf of RE7, which is set to release early 2017.


The Last Guardian:

The long awaited (much too long awaited) The Last Guardian has finally been given a release date. In a stunning new trailer, the game that has been in production since 2007, will finally be release on October 25th. I don’t think we’ve ever waited for a game this long, but we’re now only months away. Here’s hoping those 9 years were worth it. Here’s the link to that Last Guardian E3 trailer



Besides the new Legend of Zelda and Battlefield 1, the other main highlight at this year’s E3 was the Playstation VR. With its release closing in, The PS VR will have more than 100 titles available on launch day. That number also keeps growing with more confirmed titles by studios and publishers. Now, let’s be cautious as to what works with VR and what doesn’t, some games that were showcased at E3 do have potential, some not so much (I’m looking at you FFXV VR). During the conference, we did get to see some impressive looking VR titles; such as the Battlefront VR Mission, Resident Evil 7, Star Trek, and a VR the only title called Farpoint. Here’s a link to the growing amount of titles slated to be out before the PSVR release. The PSVR launches on October 13th.


Detroit: Become Human

Quantic Dream dropped another E3 trailer for their upcoming new title Detroit: Become Human. Set in a futuristic neo-noir Detroit City. We take control as the games Android protagonist[s] who are there to uphold the law and protect the public’s interest. Its seems Androids can rebel and bring forth their own life (as seen in the trailer and the one at last year’s trailer). Detroit Become Human looks to give players countless necessities and approaches to take on many of the game’s obstacles, as shown in the trailer, the matter in which you handle each mission will determine its outcome. For those who found Heavy Rain somewhat dull and lack of gameplay, this time around Quantic Dream really seems to amp up its playstyle and interaction. We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for any news regarding this game.


SpiderMan PS4

SpiderMan PS4 does look highly impressive and vibrant, much like the new SpiderMan we got in Marvel’s Civil War. Yet we’re speculative if this SpiderMan can break the bubble it’s been in with its previous installments, here’s hoping for it puts our doubts to rest when the game releases.


                                 Microsoft’s E3 Conference Run Down


Xbox One S

This year, Microsoft really got their conference off to a bang, with the introduction of the Xbox One S, a much slimmer and slightly more powerful version of the widely successful Xbox One. The Xbox One S will include many new features such as HDR gaming and 4K video viewing and many more, you can find our other article about the Xbox One S here. Along with this exciting introduction, they included the new wireless controller arriving with the new Xbox One S. It will have a more comforted grip, Bluetooth connection and many more awesome features that the original Xbox One Controller should’ve featured.



Microsoft have really improved Minecraft since they bought it a couple of years back, and they’re still improving it. This year’s E3 press conference also showed how they are still improving the game. They showed how there will be virtual reality support, as well as cross platform play thanks to Minecraft Realms. You can find our other article on Minecraft here:


Project Scorpio

Project Scorpio is one of the most exciting things Microsoft talked about at E3 this year. I won’t talk too much about it on this page, as you can find the link to our Project Scorpio right here, but it is, essentially, a much more powerful Xbox One, that will compete with the PS4 Neo.


Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is just like, for me, what Unravel was like last year. It is a small title that no one really knew was coming, but it looks like a really fun game that everyone can enjoy. I love the way that, on stage, Microsoft showed us gameplay of people that had never played it before, as it showcases to us how much fun it is to play even though you don’t know what you’re doing. We’ll be sure to keep you informed about any more things that occur on the subject.



If you’ve played The Witcher, you’ll know what Gwent it. Gwent is a card game from The Witcher, that is now becoming a stand alone title. You can find the article on it here:


Design Your Own Controller

Surprisingly, Microsoft received a lot of good feedback about their new Design your own Controller system that is coming soon. It will have 8million combinations for you to choose from, so you can really make your controller unique. This is something that I would really love to see from Sony, but all we can do it wait and see.


Tekken 7

This is one that I really didn’t expect to happen. I didn’t think there would be a new Tekken game, but I was wrong. Tekken 7 has been officially announced, and you can find the details about it here:


Forza Horizon 3

Forza Horizon 3 is the third game in the series of open-world racers, this time set in Australia. The stage demo for this game looked absolutely amazing, and I can’t wait for the next Forza game!


Halo Wars 2

The widely popular Halo Wars, the RTS game based on the Halo franchise, is finally having a sequel, after years and years of fans asking for a new one. Just like with Forza Horizon 3, the stage demo for this game was amazing, and we might have a review out here on Irrelevant Gamer, when it arrives in February 2017.


Gears of War 4

Gears of War 4 looks so exciting. It has taken quite a few sweet features from the last Gears of War, and implemented them into this new title. Some of the features that it is taking from one to another is Horde Mode and Co-op Campagain, both feature that all the fans in the community loved. I didn’t really like the earlier entries in the Gears of War franchise, but there’s something about this new game that is really getting me excited. Gears of War will also be getting a special Xbox One Elite, along with a new Xbox One Elite controller which you can find out all about it right here:


Dead Rising 4

Dead Rising 4 was yet another great game that Microsoft introduced to us this year, and is the 4th instalment in the series. Frank West looks like he will be making a return, which is quite exciting news, if you ask me. You can find out more information right here:

These were just some of the game we felt really highlighted this year’s E3 Conferences on behalf of Xbox One and PS4. If you wish to assert an opinion, reach out to either here or anyone of our social sites [Twitter, Instagram, Facebook] we would gladly love to hear from you. That’s all for but be sure to check out the rest of IrrelevantGamer for the latest in gaming news and more.


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