Warhorse Studios released a new video for one of next year’s highly anticipated titles — Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The new video released today presents us with much of the game’s impressive combat mechanics—which is one of the game’s main base.

The game Includes 30 different target zones on each character with up to four layers of armor and players can attack with slashes, stabs, and kicks against opponent’s head, left or right upper and lower body. You must remember where exactly to attack your opponent, due to the difficulty of each armor’s pierce plate. “Combos” as the video explains it, are meant for special “situational” combat moves, so you may weaken your enemy and then finishing them off. Just remember to build up that stamina when swinging heavy weapons, this factor of the game plays a major role in combat.

Your in-game Stamina is lowered only through low health, bleeding, tired, or hungry. The game’s creative director Daniel Vavra stated in the video “So you better prepare—eat and sleep well before you get into a fight. And I’m not joking”. You can also fight your opponent unarmed or with other special techniques in which your character can learn that will enable them to push back or kill enemies quicker.

“All these techniques—parrying, massive strikes, or combo strikes—are based on real historical martial arts,” lead designer Viktor Bocan says. “We worked with experts to make fighting in Kingdom Come as real as possible. And it’s a lot of fun.” — Warhorse Studios

See for yourselves in the new video by the developer:

Kingdom Come: Deliverance launches February 13th, 2018, on PS4, Xbox One, and PC

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