Not sure what this is, but it’s really happening.

This year’s Gamescom event has been going great, games are being announced, and trailers are being shown. However, when I came across my Youtube feed I came across this….thing, I honestly thought it was a mod. KONAMI looks to be trying to get its love back by announcing Metal Gear Survive. The trailer for the game was shown at Gamescom which made its way onto the internet, which is now being torn apart.

Do look at the bright side, at least now know what happened to Mother Base after it was destroyed.

Check out the game’s trailer and you be the judge. (courtesy of IGN)

What we know:

  • Metal Gear Survive is set to launch sometime in 2017
  • The game will be a four player co-op survival game (given to what we see from the teaser)
  • New weapons will be included
  • 4 Maps Included | Free Roam (Not confirmed)
  • Story Mode (Not Confirmed) Similar to how COD Zombies contains a small intro at the start of the match.

Another remark I want to point out is I hope the game will be a downloadable self-content, in other words, not having to own a copy of MGS V. From what I’ve heard the player-count for MGO has dropped significantly since the start of the year.

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