Once again ladies and gentlemen.

Nintendo hasn’t officially announced a push back for the game, but reports and sources are buzzing that one of the company’s most anticipated titles could likely be seeing a push to Summer 2017. Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild could be seeing a delay due to development work, which sees its completion months after the release of the Nintendo Switch.

According to, Blogger Emily Rogers who’s been an eye on obtaining reliable source information with the newly announce Nintendo Switch in the past, and gaming news site Eurogamer. Both have stated Breath of the Wild could be a miss during the Switch’s console launch time in March. The delay is apparently due to the game’s localization work that’s become much larger than what the team previously had expected. Rogers also noted that “Localization for Breath of the Wild might not be finished until the end of December. After localization is completed, this game will require between (at least) four-to-six months of testing.” 

This could mean we might be seeing the game be pushed until Summer 2017. There have been rumors of the Nintendo Switch also being pushed back for mid-2017, however still launching before the release of the new Legend of Zelda game. Nintendo hasn’t yet come out with an official statement, as for now, the delay for Breath of the Wild seems a lot more likely.

There have been some word around the community that a new Mario game could be launching alongside the Switch. However, this could hurt Nintendo in a number of ways and amongst its dedicated fans who have been patiently waiting for the game’s release. All we can do now is wait and hope Nintendo can sway consumers on why the Switch is still a must buy product come its launch time.

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