E3 2016: Let It Die

The brains behind Grasshoper Manufacture! SUDA51, officially revealed their new IP game Let It Die. An upcoming Free-to-Play survival-action game. This delightful gruesome game is a PS4 only exclusive title, and launches later this year. Check out its new trailer here:

To our better judgement what we’ll surely get is a non-stop killing fest of zombies. Makeshift armor such as the hockey mask and baseball as seen in the trailer. That’s sweet and all, however, the gory action Grasshopper¬†Manufacture! is known for is very much present.

Grasshopper Manufacture also mentioned they’re hoping to build an experience where the game gives you the choice of purchasing extra items or not. Making a free game that competes and looks like an $60 game, so no one misleads it from being a free-to-play game and not a pay-to-win


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