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The guy’s at Mooneye Studios are prepping on taking their indie game project, Lost Ember to Kickstarter, and they need your help. On October 11th, Mooneye will commence their Kickstarter campaign in the hopes they can finally complete and launch their project. The team has acclaim well-known consideration from tons of gaming media, and why wouldn’t it? The game these have created looks to give the player an experience of exploration and wonder.

Story :

Lost Ember is a 3rd person exploration adventure game. You play as a wolf, the game’s main protagonist, and a strong-willed companion at your side. Along the way you discover a world fill with despair, honor, and betrayal, which leads to the fall of the game’s whole world.

Throughout the game’s journey, you are guided by a companion who once roam with an old Inrahsi culture. Witnessing the fall of his own world, and for thousands of years seeking out to find you. You’ll have the special abilities to possess every animal within its world, enabling you to explore the world in its entirety. All while uncovering its many secrets and the places that played a key role in the fall of the Inrahsi.

Gameplay :

The game focuses much on exploration among the game’s open world fill with different animals. Mooneye goal was to create an unwind and meditating gameplay. Hoping to allow the player in moving through its world at his or her own pace, along with the experience and fun the developers would like for you to enjoy. Mooneye also plans to make the game available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

We here at IrrelevantGamer wish Mooneye the very best and know they’ll reach their goal. Anxious to finally play this beautiful looking game. Support Mooneye Studios to finally launch the title onto Steam.

Check out the game’s Official Teaser Trailer down below.

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