Mad Max is Lit!


Okay so this is the first time that I will be doing a review in this type of form or style, but from now on this will be how I review games. I’m calling it “Quick Reviews,” it will be short, simple and to the point. Only giving you the most important aspects of as to why you should spend your hard earned money, and spend countless hours playing. Alrighty, let’s get to it!


Mad Max is a open world game where driving around and blowing shit up is the norm, that being said it sounds like the game should be amazing right?! Well, I wouldn’t say amazing but I would say it is a great game with endless hours of fun.


The Environment


The overall design of the environment of Mad Max is out of this world. The majority of the scenery is desert and sand but the detail grabs you and doesn’t let go. Paired with the fact that Mad Max is open world with diverse differences in scenery. You really feel like you’re trapped in this dangerous wasteland.


The Combat


The combat in Mad Max is brutal, Max fights like he has a chip on his shoulder and you can’t help but to engage in a fight whenever there is an opportunity. Similar to the fighting style of the Batman game series and Shadow of Mordor, but unlike those games Max has a brawler type style. He basically just beats everyone’s ass. Plus with all the fighting upgrades you can unlock, you can turn Max into a machine.


The Vehicles


There are countless vehicles in Mad Max and countless upgrades to unlock for your car. You can pretty much turn your vehicle into a tank and destroy everything in your way. The driving was the best part of the game for me, it felt good. Depending on what upgrades you have for your car it tends to drive a certain way, no car feels the same. Fighting in cars felt like you were in a scene from Mad Max: Fury Road the metal scraping metal, the loud engines and explosions from collisions was lit AF! There are so many ways to take out someone while in a vehicle it’s something you have to experience for yourself.


The Story


I’ll be honest, the story for Mad Max was eh, it wasn’t good or bad just eh. The game was nothing like the movie which i was completely okay with. I don’t want to spoil the movie for anyone but let’s just say the movie didn’t revolve around Max…. At all, so I was glad to see the game was focused on him. You spend a lot time driving and getting scrap and getting this and destroying that it may get repetitive, scratch that it does get repetitive, but I didn’t mind because there was no point while I was playing the game where I felt I was bored because of doing the same thing. Most of the story feels like a big side mission until you get to the end of the game, and that’s where things kind of connect to form a conclusion. That being said there is no dull moment in Mad Max, each mission has you doing something that commands all of your attention. That’s the trade off you get with Mad Max, a lackluster story but engaging missions to keep you addicted.


The Verdict


Mad Max is fun, violent, and addicting. The game looks great and runs great (kinda) and has plenty of content for you to enjoy. I personally enjoyed this game and I have recommended it to quite a few people, so my final verdict for anyone who is interested in Mad Max is to pick this game up if you have some extra money lying around and if you don’t have the cash just pick it up whenever the price drops.

Mad Max: Quick Review
The fightingThe driving and vehiclesOpen WorldGame Design
The StoryRandom Lag/ Frame rate droprepetitive
8.4Overall Score
The Game Design8
The Combat10
The Vehicles9
The Story6.5
Reader Rating 1 Vote
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