This past Thursday EA Sports unveiled both a ‘First Look Trailer’, along with the NFL player who’s been chosen to grace the cover of Madden 17 this year. EA also shared info on its added new features for the game.



New England Patriots Tight-End Rob Gronkowski was named ‘cover athlete’ and is set to appear on the main cover of this year’s addition of NFL Madden, beating out Carolina Panthers Quarterback Cam Newton. EA’s focus for this year’s Madden 17 would be in the game’s franchise mode and mechanics which will focus heavily on the player’s controls as a ‘ball-carrier’. EA said:

“So now, expect your bigger bruising backs to be more effective with truck moves and stiff arms, while smaller, shiftier backs have more effective jukes and spins. Now don’t worry if you’re not a magician yet on the sticks. New Ball Carrier UI Prompts help teach moves available to you, while the new Path Assist helps you navigate and anticipate down field.”

So far EA has confirmed the following new features in Madden 17:
  • Allowing the game to pick a set for lower skill players
  • New Defensive AI system (which hopefully has been excessively improved from last year AI, which caused some negative feedback in the community)
  • The New Defensive AI would include features such as Gap Play, Force Defenders, and Improved Zone Coverages,¬†all this would come with an all new On-Screen Prompt which would aid the player.
  • A new Path Assist Option that will offer tips on where to move
  • New and improved Kick Meter design to increase challenge, ability to ice the kicker, new trick plays, and a new block kick mechanic that¬†“add[s] new elements to the risk and reward of special teams.”

Not much is known about the game yet, we’re still to hear on its Online Competitive mode. With Madden, you really expect most of the same just with new added features for both Career and Online, plus the issues from the previous installment that are certain to be overlooked and improved for the new entry. Madden 17 is set to be released on August 23rd.





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