Now before I get into this review, there a few things that I’d like to say. I really appreciated the fact that Mafia 3’s story took us way back and showed the racial tension and divide that this country had in that time period. And that they fully committed to that and showed the reality of the time period and that the developers didn’t use it as a gimmick.



The gameplay in Mafia 3 was nothing special by any means and when in a mission you spend a lot of time running and gunning, ducking behind cover, and easily getting to the objective. For me, the game felt too easy, The AI is pretty terrible and they offer no challenge. I understand that Lincoln had just come home from Vietnam but compared to his enemies he is a juggernaut.

Mission structure is the same throughout the game, besides there being a few variations (and the variations are quite good) you will start to feel like you are doing the same thing over and over and you are.



The story is above average, we’ve seen it a thousand times it’s your classic revenge story, but there’s one thing that gives this story a little push and that is the setting. New Bordeaux is strongly based off of the real city of New Orleans set in the most tumultuous time period in American history! That alone makes the story enjoyable, the racism, the segregation, and the dialogue pull you in and reminds you what it’s like being a person of color and since the main character is a person of color, it puts you in their shoes.



Mafia 3 had too many quality issues for me, it was a disappointing to see. Textures and graphics were horrendous it’s 2016 it seemed like no one cared and just released the game. I’ll link a video below just to highlight a few of the issues and bugs that I had and others had while trying to enjoy Mafia.


Now I wouldn’t say that Mafia 3 is a bad game but it’s not great and the only thing that really gives it momentum is the setting and the historical accuracy. The gameplay is repetitive and easy, the quality is overwhelmingly bad and i forgot to mention Mafia 3 crashing and freezing repeatedly on my Xbox one. But with all that said I still will recommend that you pick up Mafia 3……In a couple months when hopefully there will be patches and updates to fix the problems.

Mafia 3 Quick Review: Quality Control
5.3Overall Score
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