A Game That Beautifully Mushes Journey With Flower.

Developer: MoonCat Entertainment

Publisher: Square Enix Collective

MoonyCat’s delightful little story adventure game Metaphora finally went live on Square Enix Collective. If you’re wondering just what this game is about, here’s a small taste from the developers themselves:

Metaphora is the name of a small hollow planet filled with fascinating and crazy wildlife
You play as LUX, a small star that has fallen from the sky, seeking a route home where he belongs.

During his journey, LUX will discover why stars are disappearing from the night skies while you will be confronted by an enemy, a disease called the “NEOVIRUS” that disrupts and corrupts the internal ecosystem of METAPHORA.

By using the power of wildlife, our hero will delve into combat against the NEOVIRUS and make Metaphora blossom again. “It is high time to rekindle the stars.”


Much of the gameplay is centered on exploring the vast areas of the planet. Your progression counts on the powers from the wildlife, which grants you passage to continue your quest. Along the way, you’ll run across many of the game’s ancient civilization who once claim rule of the land. As with nature, you’re always in the crosshair of its own doing, along with your journey you’ll come around giant tornadoes, flamed geysers, sand tsunami’s and raging cyclones.

In the end, this game might not be for every hard-hitting gamer, it drops you in a world that fill with wonder, colorful scenery and playful characters. Bursting out in animated wildlife, and a narrative that’ll surely grab your attention—perhaps even your emotions.

Metaphora has no current release date and is under development for the PC. Console versions are something the developers are hoping to reach in the future. Here’s the game’s new trailer:

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