E3 has come and gone now and has left gamers ready for content and future games to come. E3 built up for months on what would we expect from the big three in the industry. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo would set the stage at E3 with what to expect in the following months and what there is to come next year.

For some, E3 still rings at our ears with Microsoft’s X-Box One backwards compatibility to Sony’s Playstation Vue and Project Morpheus to Nintendo’s game line up for 2016.

The list of games that was shown at E3 with big major games coming out at the end of the year to games coming out next year right now it is a waiting game for these releases. For gamers, what is there to do while we wait for our favorite games to hit the shelves?

This would be a great time to take another look at a game you didn’t have the time to play. Yes there are some good games out there as of now that can pass the time with not many big release games coming out during the mid-summer.

God Of War 3 Remastered and Trials Fusion: Awesome Level Max Expansion out this month are the only games really to look to for this month.

Gamers are still playing Elder Scrolls Online with players and new jumping into Destiny to get ready for The Taken King in September, Playstation Store and Xbox Online have games and content to hold you over until that game you have been waiting for hits the streets.

Take this time and look at what there is to offer with your favorite system with content and games. Sometimes the best game and content is right under your nose without you knowing it. You would be surprise as I was when I found out a game like Saints Row 4 Re-Elected with Gat Out Of Hell was marked down on the Playstation Store.

I had fun playing this when it came out on the Playstation 3 a few years back. I downloaded it and started to play it again. I forgot how much fun this game was with my cousin as we tear through the streets of Steelport with our super powers.

I have found something to pass the time with while I wait for that one game that I will be picking up on its release date.

Have you found or discovered a game to pass time with?

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