Since its incredible reveal last week of Middle-earth Shadow of War, the gaming community has been buzzing on what to expect and beloved that they’re heading back into the fantasy world of J R R Tolkien.

Shadow of War has been in development since 2014 and will take place right after the events of the 1st installment Shadow of Mordor. The game promises to be much more grand and expanded, one of its newest feature includes the use of a “world map”, this would provide an overview of all the various regions accessible to the player.

As seen in the video, players can now raise an army or use the acquired units to attack the enemy strongholds and claim them for their own. A key feature in the midst of these attacks will include an updated version for the nemesis system now named the “Nemesis Fortresses”. This feature allows players to visit large structures within Mordor and attempt to siege and defeat the ruler and hopefully gain powerful new allies.

There were more features introduce—and as always—I’ll shut it up and let you enjoy the lengthy new gameplay video below: (trust me its worth a watch)

Middle-earth: Shadow of War launches on August 22nd 2017, for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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