It’s Morphin TIME!!!!

Bandai Namco and Bamtang announced Saban’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Mega Battle game. A game fill with what looks like fun co-op action.

Bandai also released descriptive information on what to expect for the upcoming title. Plus an official Reveal Trailer, and images. Check them out below:

Saban’s MMPR: Mega Battle provides a creative and modern reimaging of the classic multiplayer beat-em-up genre. Level up your rangers, team up with friends, and Megazord. All so you can fight your way through levels stylized after classic MMPR episodes!

  • CLASSIC POWER RANGER DNA INTACT: Morph, use weapons, martial arts, and summon the larger-than-life Megazord!
  • INTUITIVE & DEEP BATTLE SYSTEM: Includes light, heavy, weapon, and projectile attacks. Players will be able to integrate weapon strikes into different combo strings!
  • LEVELING & CUSTOMIZATION: Players can level up, unlock new moves, attacks, and weapons.
  • UNLOCKABLE CHARACTERS: Unlock Tommy Oliver in his Green & White Ranger costumes, as well with human characters such as; Rocky, Aisha, Adam, and Kat from MMPR season 2!
  • NOSTALGIC: Each level is based on a classic episode from the TV series. Levels are filled with familiar dialogue, background details, cut scenes, and enemies pulled straight from the first two seasons of the show!

Granted all this is to hype up the upcoming MMPR film. Both in which releases on the same month.

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