Announced at E3 2016, Minecraft will receive a free new update adding some sweet new features for any fans of the game.

The main new feature that everyone was looking at is the cross-platform play in Minecraft. This means that whether you’re on an iPad or a PC, you can play with your friends. This is going to use a feature that has already been in the game for a while, but no one really used, called “realms”. If you want to find out some more information on realms I will leave a link here:

Another sweet feature coming with the new update is texture packs coming to mobile. Texture packs are a thing that PC and console players have been enjoying for while. They make your Minecraft game look a lot more special and spectacular compared to the average Minecraft game.

You can find more information about what has gone on at E3 here on Irrelevant Gamer.

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