Minecraft is one of the most successful titles in recent gaming history. The console versions have been playing catch up with the PC for a while, but players in their millions still get their crafting and mining kicks on its various console platforms. Developers Mojang have been bridging the gap lately with some nice extra content, such as mini-games and the newest introductions of Banners and Polar Bears. Fans of the game can get excited again with the announcement of what will be coming to all console versions this December.

Microsoft have offered a sneak peek into its Holiday Update, stating we can look forward to the power of flight, new mobs and new potions to brew among other extras. Status effects such as Levitation and Luck are to be added alongside lingering potions created with Dragons Breath.

You will be able to find the Elytra, granting you the ability to glide across the map, in the also to be updated End. The End will now include End Cities and End Ships. The interesting prospect of flight (in survival mode) will become even more useful due to a new option when creating a world on Xbox One or PlayStation 4 of “Amplified Terrain.” This will see the mountains and valleys that are spawned, become dramatically more extreme. It seems Minecraft really will be getting plenty of new content to explore.

More details will be revealed when the Holiday Update becomes available for free in late December.

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