Microsoft have unveiled their latest update for Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition beta, Gear VR Edition and Pocket Edition, called Boss Battles. The content being added to these versions is currently only available on the ordinary PC Java version.

The new update will feature two new Boss Battles, slash commands (something that has been in the PC version almost since its release), new Ocean Monuments, new building blocks and more. The new building blocks that are being added are beacons, sponges, sea lanterns and prismarine blocks.

One of the bosses that will be added is the Wither boss. This will arrive on the pocket Edition and Windows 10 Beta Edition. The Wither is a “three-headed mob”, that will challenge the players to their limit before they can defeat it.



One of the major things being added with this update are “slash commands.” Slash commands have been a thing the Minecraft community have been begging for on other platforms for ages now, and they are finally getting them. Essentially, they allow you to sort of cheat. They allow you to summon items, switch the weather type, switch game modes and many more. Microsoft have also stated that they will be adding in more commands in the future.

Finally, the new Ocean Monument I mentioned will be a rare, underwater location for adventurous players to discover. The Elder Guardian, an already existing mob, will control the monument, and will attempt to kill anyone that comes near it. There will be a lot of loot inside this monument, for anyone that is brave enough to attempt to go inside.

The new Boss Update will be available for the Gear VR, Pocket Edition and Windows 10 Beta Edition this coming fall, but you can sign up for the public beta on Android here.

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