I experienced the first gaming multi-display at E3 by MirraViz and I left the demo feeling impressed and angry wondering why this wasn’t invented when I was a kid.

The MirraViz allows multiple gamers to play together one one large display, with each person seeing different and immersive content over the entire screen. This doesn’t just work with, gaming, it works as another alternative to home entertainment and in business environments.

They have some big word for this type of technology called  DirectedPhoton technology. It delivers the majority of the light it sends from the MirraViz projector to the wall and back to viewer. It’s a pretty impressive setup but that’s where the problem lies, the starting price for this setup is $3,700!

For that price, i don’t see MirraViz being in the average gamers home but mostly in the business environment. Hopefully, once these guys get more traction the prices will come down because the concept is awesome it’s just not consumer friendly right now.

Check the MirraViz Website to order or keep up with updates.

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