Capcom has released a plethora of new footage for the upcoming PS4 exclusive; Monster Hunter World. Through each video we’re showcased much of the game’s characters, environments, palico selection, and training area, weapons, and lots more—let’s break them down.

In the first video showcase, we’re introduced to many of the characters and actual in-game customization—which will be available only in the final game. The second video gives us an overview of the options tha tplayers will have during the game’s beta. Third, a look at its guide that will direct us to find new objectives and quests. Fourth, a quick look at the new slinger tool. Fifth, highlighting how to attack monsters with your weapons, and finally, the sixth video is an illustration of the gadgets at your disposal.

Seventh video—technically the last—is simply a brand new trailer for the upcoming beta. The game is a PlayStation 4 exclusive, the beta will commence December 9th at 9am PST, check out your local TZ for whne the beta launches in your area.

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