Earlier today, the fellas over at DualShockers.com discovered brand new information about Bungie’s Destiny ‘2’. In the article, they explained that the info was extracted from Activision Blizzard’s financial conference in regards to the end of the quarter.

Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg mentioned that Bungie is on track to release the sequel to Destiny sometime in 2017. This is stuff we know, but this is his exact response –

“We’re on track and excited about what we think is going to be an awesome sequel for Destiny on 2017. No announcements today on timing just yet, but what I will say is that the sequel is designed to excite both our highly engaged current players, but also to broaden the appeal even further, bringing in new fans and bringing back old fans as well. That’s our primary focus right now.”

Notice, “…the sequel is designed to excite both our highly engages current players, but also to broaden the appeal even further, bringing in new fans…and old ones”. That’s really important.

In the last leak about Destiny 2, it was mentioned that the next game would be vastly different than the original – this includes current DLC. This, by nature, means new fans, but I am also concerned about how Bungie will appeal to veteran players (like myself). In short, a new audience may translate to the loss of the previous one.

Hirshberg continues,

“Beyond that, the incredible demand for Destiny content has somewhat outpaced our ability to deliver upon that demand, and going forward along with our partners at Bungie, have put together what we believe is a very smart approach that will allow us to deliver the steady stream of great content to keep our players engaged and keep our universe alive and growing in the wake of that sequel.”

The Taken King, the April Update, and Rise of Iron were all fantastic steps toward the ideal game. However, it took an unprecedented amount of time for Bungie and Activision to make these crucial adjustments, and it certainly cost them.

Because of this, I am extremely excited to see that they have learned from previous mistakes (hopefully) and will handle Destiny 2 and its DLC with better care. Hirshberg couldn’t be more accurate when using the word ‘wake’ – because new content produces just that. It’s a big splash in the beginning, but it ends up settling down after a while. One of Destiny’s fatal flaws was misunderstanding how quickly players would complete end-game content, and this led to awful DLC timing.

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