Mortal Kombat X stays true to what we have loved, and refreshes the game where it is needed.

Mortal Kombat X is the best new fighting game out there right now, and it will be tremendously hard to dethrone. The story line is great, filled with cinematic scenes, and blood, and gore. (What would a Mortal Kombat game be without the gore?) The gameplay is refreshing but stays true to its core from the past games, and the character cast is great blending old household character names, with new characters, that younger generations can grow to learn and know. Unfortunately Cyrax, isn’t a playable character, and Rain makes a few cameo’s but is missing as well. But overall the experience you get when you play Mortal Kombat X is new every time.

Fatalities are brutal. If you have a weak stomach, you might not want to perform any of the fatalities on the game. Just an FYI. If you have a weak stomach you should just go play some skylanders or Killer Instinct, because I am telling you the fatalities are amazing. I mean Giblets are everywhere.

Brutalities go hand in hand with this, some are straightforward and easy to perform, others are pretty hard to master. But it’s fun ending matches with them, if you are skilled enough to do them.

Multiplayer is great, however it does have a pretty harsh downfall that doesn’t involve the gameplay. Many users have experienced issues where their ranked match records, have been reset back to the goose eggs, and when I say many, it’s pretty much everyone. The multiplayer gameplay is amazing though, its fast, its fluid, and very few times it is lagging. But does not happen often.

King of the hill matches have been my favorite to play, however there are to many sore losers out there, that get beat by me and give me no respect points. I won’t say no names (Optimus Gainz… cough… cough… stick with your killer instinct)

The leveling system in the game is cool, but doesn’t really go in depth. You can unlock player cards, and emblems, and customize your look, but it isn’t really that special.

Mortal Kombat X delivers big, and is a good entry in the series. It’s a game I can see myself playing for the long haul, and whooping some (Optimus Gainz) @$$.

I give Mortal Kombat a 9/10 respectively. and a Two thumbs up.

If you aren’t playing it I suggest you….

GET OVER HERE!!! (insert scorpion blade into your chest)


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