I was invited to play the new VR title developed by Polyarc called “Moss” on PlayStation VR. And I genuinely enjoyed this game!

Quill is the new hero of Moss. She’s a mouse with dreams of greatness. When an ancient magic is awakened, she becomes linked to the player who is their own character in the story. When a distant evil extends its reach, they’re called together on an epic journey. Fantasy storybook readings throughout game play further develop a compelling story line and draw players into a rich tale of myth and magic.

“We are designing Moss with the fundamentals that we know make a great action-adventure game while at the same time considering every decision with the unique strengths and opportunities VR offers fully in mind,” said Tam Armstrong, co-founder and CEO of Polyarc.

“As a studio dedicated to the new medium of VR, our goal is still the dream we’ve always had as game developers—to create engaging worlds and share them with everyone.”

Your role in the game is to assist Quill and help her face obstacles in the game to progress the story. You can reach into the world move objects, assist in battle, solve puzzles and even heal Quill to conquer this immersive world.

This game paired with VR is breathtaking! This was my first experience with the PlayStation VR and I was one of those guys who dismissed VR and the craze behind it. But now I get it and Moss is the game to get your feet wet in VR gaming.

If immersion and awesome storytelling is what you’re looking for in a VR title, Moss is it. There’s no specific release date for Moss but expect its release around Holiday 2017!


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