EA and Ghost games, today, released the latest update to the popular game “Need For Speed.” As always, they added the things that the fans have asked for.

The “1932 Ford” and the “Beck Kustoms F132” are the names of the two new cars to be added to the update. The Ford can be customised a lot with some nice wraps created by the community, too. However, the F132 cannot be customized as much, which is slightly disappointing as this car would be great to customize. The 1932 Ford has a stock horsepower of 91 and a top speed of 100mph. It takes it 11.10s to get to 60mph does a 1/4 mile in 18.40s at 80mph. These stats aren’t good enough to make your eyes bulge, but they can be upgraded to make a very nice race car to have at your disposal. On the other hand, the F132 has the stock stats of 0-60mph in 3.07 seconds, 1/4 mile in 10.47s at 147mph, a top speed of 217mph and a stock horsepower of 850. These stats are great, but, unfortunately, you cannot upgrade this car in any way when it comes to performance. No matter how much you might want to change the handling or the performance, you can’t do it. This is disappointing, but understandable as it is very hard for Need For Speed to get the licensing to upgrade these types of cars. In conclusion, all of you should check out these cars and have them in your garage to race your friends with.

The next addition to Need For Speed is Drag Races. Drag Races are a heated head to head short race to test the speed and muscle your car has. These Drag Races start off with one of the main characters running you through the process then getting stuck in to your first Drag Race. I can see these types of races being used to test which car is better out of you and your friends and ultimately deciding who is the better builder.

The third feature to be added is Manual Transmission. This is something a lot of Need For Speed fans have been bugging Ben Walke for since the game released. As you open up Need For Speed, on the Need For Speed Network, there is a settings option. In there, you can choose between three options of transmission. The first being Automatic which is the transmission every Need For Speed player is used to. The second being Manual. When this is on, you use the right analog stick (on consoles) as the gear box. Obviously, flicking up on the analog stick moves the gear up one and down moves it down. In my opinion, this mode works best for drifting and automatic is best for normal races. This is just my opinion, but yours might be different. Finally, the final mode is Per Car. With this mode selected, when you are in the handling tuning of your car, you can decide whether you have automatic or manual. Also can change the transmission in-game just by bringing up the Need For Speed Network.

The final addition is the three new trophies/achievements. These are “Drag Queen” “Wrap It Up” and “Kustom Kar.”

In conclusion, this update is great and I hope that they will continue to listen to their fans requests and include them into their game.

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