A few weeks ago a friend and I were perusing the steam store looking for a fairly cheap game that we could both play, and what we came across was surely a strange addition to my library. A small indie game named We Need to Go Deeper, and upon booting it up for the first time one of my first thoughts was thus: ‘This game is an extremely long way from being complete.’. However, the developers are undertaking a ambitious project and as such, many bugs are to occur, especially with a multiplayer co-op based game.

During my time playing I was able to get into a lobby with my friend almost by pure luck and clicking speed as there was no way to invite friends via Steam Overlay at that point, but we were quickly joined by two others. Once the game loaded in we shoved off, and was immediately put in danger by a rogue shark looking for four treats inside of a metal pressurized tube. However with the way the game places it’s mechanics, it begins you with a power reserve and you delegate power to different operating functions of the submarine such as torpedo functionality, powering the engines, giving us a shield, etc. With this power rationing mechanic players are forced to quickly forced to make decisions about where and how much power should go to certain things which in my opinion emulates a feeling of pressure or tension extremely well. When you and your crewmates are being attacked by a giant squid that even shoves it’s tentacles inside the submarine, it can kind of cause panic and therefore quick and hasty decisions. I have never been inside a submarine but I get a strange feeling that it would be something like this game, you know, if I was stuck in a crossover of a Lovecraftian story and 1000 Leagues Under the Sea.

All in all I found it to be an entertaining half hour experience but ultimately nothing I would write home about. My only issue with it was the driving of the submarine was odd, we could aim down and go forward but only at one angle so we had to keep switching facing right and left to even really get anywhere. As mentioned before, I found it fun for only a certain amount of time, and I look forward to the day where the developers can finally add more vital content and options in.

Also as a side note, it was extremely funny to me when playing we were riding in a yellow submarine, the moment we were attacked by a boss The Beatle’s 1966 song Yellow Submarine started up in my music playlist. The clashing emotions that came from me trying to survive and the soft happiness from the song created an amusing environment.

We Need to Go Deeper; An Interesting Dive into Early Access
3.0Overall Score
Overall Fun
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