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A new Pokémon Sun and Moon trailer has just been released on YouTube!

The video by the official Pokémon channel dumps information on several new Alolan Pokémon, including the mysterious Type: Null’s evolution, Silvally.

The name “Silvally” looks to be a shortening of the term “Silicon Valley”, where many of the world’s most high-tech corporations are based. This would reflect Silvally’s artificial nature; its description dubs it as a “synthetic Pokémon” created by humans to “oppose a threat”, and its features include a disk drive in its head.

We get to see Silvally’s special ability, RKS System, and we are treated to the evolutions of the new Dragon type, Jangmo-o, which is shown to become a Dragon-Fighting type.

Generation one’s Grimer and Muk have also received Alolan forms, with Muk’s new form looking significantly prettier than its original design.

As well as this new Pokémon-related information, a couple of new Trainers have been revealed, Olivia who specialises in Rock-type Pokémon, and Iluna who prefers Normal-type.

To see all of the new information, check out the video below, then tell us your favourite new Pokémon in the comments!

  • Calum Donaghy

    There are a ton of theories surrounding Type: Null and Silvally/Silvani and their links to Arceus, not only with the crosses surrounding T:N’s helmet which nearly match the ones around arceus’ waist, but with its ability and typing, too. Both Arceus and Silvally have the power to be any of the 18 types (starting with normal). Not only this but it’s got an ability called AR System (ARceus) in Japan and RKS (aRKeuS- just say RKS aloud) in english.

    The new grass line is also adorable! Can’t wait till the demo on the 18th!