Many fantasize the dream of becoming a Twitch pro streamer, you have the best of both world’s, one its your job, and the second you’re doing what you love best—playing video games. Although, It’s not much of fantasy, right now there are hundreds of players streaming their gameplay, chatting with viewers, having a good’o time simply playing away. Most become Pro Streamers by putting their time and effort in making it all happen, some start slow and begin to notice their popularity grow over time and realize they’ve embarked into something special for themselves.

Twitch today introduce new features that can boost your growth in a very special way. The site is rolling out new tools to better track your progress towards getting paid, also streamlining some tasks that’ll usually require chatbots or outside streaming software. Users now have achievements that’ll alert you on how close you are at hitting a specific goal, such as the number of times you stream at a given period and your typical viewer count. Twitch will also assist you in giving you a statistical summary after every stream, this way you’ll know which achievements you’ve reached, where your traffic is coming from, and other data.

Twitch has also introduced a new formal “/raid” command, one in which automatically hosts someone else’s channel and drives your viewers there—a feature that has helped tons of up-and-coming streamers. The site also offers raid stats and moderation tools to assist you in identifying where the flood of new viewers are coming from. Users can now offer “premieres”, where you host the viewing of a pre-recorded series. Now viewers can also give gift subscription—if you have a friend who can’t afford to subscribe, then you now have the ability to give someone a month of access to any enabled channel at any tier level of $5, $10, or $25.

Many of these features won’t be available right away. Users will have to wait until November for achievements, summaries, raids, gift subs, premieres, and the rest more to start making their way onto the site. So, if anyone of these features looks promising to start taking your streaming more serious, this could just give you that boost you need, of course, its hard work, yet Twitch provides all they can so that anyone—I mean ANYONE—can get streaming and gain the recognition they deserve.

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