Niantic Labs have written an in-depth blog post explaining many of the questions that fans have for them. From them rolling out Pokemon GO in Brazil to them talking about their thoughts behind shutting down third-party tracking systems, this blog post really had lots of interesting items to sink our teeth into.

“We were very excited to finally be able to take this step.” (Rolling out Pokemon GO in Brazil) “We were delayed in doing that due to aggressive efforts by third parties to access our servers outside of the Pokemon GO game client and our terms of service. We blocked some more of those attempts yesterday. Since there has been some public discussion about this, we wanted to shed some more light on why we did this and why these seemingly innocuous sites and apps actually hurt our ability to deliver the game to new and existing players.”

The blog post then showed us this chart on how many queries per second they received on their server each hour on August 3rd.

As you can see, once they took down these services that “hurt our ability to deliver the game to new and existing players,” the amount of traffic they received went down by quite a lot. The third-party services were eating away at some of the server real estate that they could be using to keep the servers more stable. Therefore, they couldn’t make Pokemon GO available in Brazil until those bots were gone.

They went on to explain about how these third-party services have impacts on their ability to create new features for the game. They explained that by trying to take down these websites takes up time that they could be using to create new features.

The blog also went on to mention a few more points, so you can find the link to the blog post here:

We also wrote another post about Niantic shutting down services, which you can find here: Niantic Shuts Down PokeVision and Others

Overall, I totally understand why Niantic would want to get rid of these services from Pokemon Go. I also like they way they wanted remove cheating from the game as well, as this makes the game a lot more fair.

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