This is all just speculation, don’t freak out just it.

Today, a leading UK retailer Tesco listed the Nintendo NX on their official website with a price tag of £349.99. Now, this has raised tons of questions regarding this particular price dropping today. Could this mean an official announcement is imminent?, could Nintendo be trying to compete with its own console alongside the PS4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio? and—the question on everyone’s mind—what’s with the steep price tag?

If this estimate is in any way true, or perhaps the official price levels with the price of the Scorpio or the Pro, Nintendo could be seeing a very competitive selling season. The company will need to lead with a very strong strategy, and selling point to all its consumers on why this is the console to get. With a new Legend of Zelda, Mario and Pokemon game, all slated to launch some time when the console releases. Nintendo can spike up the interest of gamers and consumers who are still uncertain if this console is for them.

In retrospect, Tesco’s retail price can just be false—at the time of this article—the page where the price was first revealed has been removed. This is something we see all the time, retail stores usually list a game or product with a conventional price tag, along with release date of Dec. 31st. News of an official announcement however, that could be closer than we think. Yet with no official word from Nintendo we’re still left in the dark, so we wait—for when Nintendo—announces it.

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