Fans all across the globe know that in 2012 marked the end of the beloved Nintendo-published magazine Nintendo Power. Well, the company surprisingly has brought it back, just not in the form you might be thinking, it’s being relaunched as “Nintendo Power Podcast“. Its first show which debuted yesterday brought in people very influential in the gaming industry such as Eiji Aouma and Hidemaro Fukibayashi, the team behind this year’s GOTY winner Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The show is being hosted by Editor-in-Chief of Nintendo Power, Chris Slate—joining him is Damon Baker, a Nintendo publishing representative, and Kit Ellis, from the Nintendo Minute Team. We’re not sure if the Podcast would be weekly or monthly, as mention by Chris Slate, its a passion project kicked off by many at Nintendo of America, hoping that this new iteration could excite people in knowing more of their favorite Nintendo games.

Here’s the complete first Episode of Nintendo Power:

Who knows, maybe in the future with the success of the Switch and many more titles on their way—what chances are there that we might just see the magazine make a return.

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