Nintendo’s latest Switch update is introducing one really neat new feature—one in which brings back fond memories of a Nintendo console classic. The Switch will now allow the support of Gamecube controllers, yes you read right, as of now, the GC controller is accessible for play only through the USB adapter Nintendo released some time ago, which added for Gamecube support on the Wii U.

Youtube Channel GameXplain confirmed that the new feature doesn’t necessarily support other USB controllers as seen tested in the video above. Give in mind that when playing on the Gamecube Controller you’ll likely by losing certain features by playing through a different layout. However, we’re still unclear as to how one’s gameplay will change when playing on the controller, but it sure does bring a smile to everyone’s face seeing this one piece of hardware come back.

Now, the only question that still remains, is when are we going to start seeing those Gamecube games (Virtual Console)? This could only be that one piece of the puzzle, here’s hoping Nintendo announces or hints at something throughout 2018.

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