Since its release exactly one month ago today, The Nintendo Switch launched with an exceptional reception from consumers and gamers all throughout the globe. Once the console finally arrived into the hands of its owners, this is where the cycle of problems began to see light. Players began to report issues with their Right JoyCon causing connectivity issues, pixel problems on screen, and the Dock for the system scratching their Switch. Well now there’s another issue at hand and it’s a concerning one at best: Warping and slight Overheating.

Reddit user and many others including the guys at have reported that their Switch looks to be bend slightly off on one end. _NSR speculates that due to his Switch being docked for far too many hours, it begins to overheat causing the system to expand. On a good note, this problem doesn’t seem to affect the Switch’s functionality—well for now. Also, it’s good to check your Switch after a long time play while docked. See _NSR Switch photo below:

Nintendo as of yet has not commented on the issue, according to a Reddit comment, the company is fixing many of the other issues that were reported days after its release. Luckily for me I still can’t get one because they’re completely sold out everywhere, it’s a shame that problems for the Switch keep popping up, but that still doesn’t change my mind in purchasing one—someday. I do however think I rather play it as a handheld on-the-go than have it docked on my TV—that’s just me.

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