Hello Game’s brand new title, No Man’s Sky has caused quite a buzz over the past few weeks. However, PC players haven’t been very active lately – and it shows.

When the game launched on Steam on August 12th, DAUs (Daily Active Users) peaked at around 220,000, and stayed there for the next day or two. From then on, though, numbers have dropped significantly, lingering around 20,000 DAUs. Yes, this looks pretty major, but keep in mind that these statistics are only for PC; no data has been shared for PS4.

Confused about the sudden drop in activity? Just take a look at any review on No Man’s Sky (like the one written by yours truly) – while the game has loads of potential, it falls flat in replayability. Many will play and feel like they’ve done everything after only a few hours. As I highlighted in my review, games like these always disappoint the people who hyped it up.

On the flip side of things, this doesn’t really say too much about the game’s actual success. Games like Fallout 4 and Uncharted 4 saw massive DAU drop offs in the weeks following their releases. So, after all, there really is no legitimate crisis (especially remembering that PS4 stats are still unknown).

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