Hello Games certainly managed to build plenty of hype around it’s defining title No Man’s Sky. Since the reveal at E3 2014, the monster phenomenon grew and grew until it hit the shelves for the PlayStation 4 in August of this year. The title was the second most successful release in the consoles history behind Uncharted 4, but the hype seemed to quickly fade once players got their hands on a copy of the space-exploring simulator. This week has seen the release of Update 1.1, entitled the “Foundation Update” and adds some new features that the community have been screaming out for since release.

According to the developers, the Foundation Update is the start of a number of free patches for the game. With it, comes the much requested ability to build your own base on any planet (preferably a comfortable one) the introduction of new game modes, and even the option to buy one of those enormous freighters that you tend to find yourself defending from space pirates.

The base building option will have many people interested. Using your faithful multi-tool and harvested resources, you can now create a personalized shelter based on the pod style design of the game. The introduction of a teleporter system allows you to quickly and painlessly zoom from planet to space station and back again as you mine, stockpile and sell the resources of your chosen homeworld. New NPC’s found on the more accessible space stations (no more V1 Atlas Pass locked doors) can aid you in making your outpost a real masterpiece.

Hello Games have been very thorough in their tweaks and changes to certain systems within No Man’s Sky. Items are now able to be stacked, saving slots on your spacecraft and freighter. New resources, materials and technology has been added. A change to your suits HUD now gives better indicators on atmospheric conditions, and also a number of little glitches such as rain inside caves and the day/night cycle in terms of returning after a save, have been fixed.

A new and very nice feature is the addition of farming. Using your freshly acquired freighter or newly built outpost, alongside the base building options, players can now grow their own fauna for consumption at will. This also couples well with the chance to recruit NPC’s that specialize in a number of different fields including farming, weapons, and engineering. No Man’s Sky has finally taken a big leap forward in terms of its depth of gameplay, moving it away from the repetition of simple (but beautiful) space exploration and adding a whole new layer to the action.

The new game modes added will also offer players different challenges. There are now three modes available upon starting the game:

  • Normal Mode- The usual laid back exploration mode
  • Creative Mode- Allowing players to explore the universe at will, and putting no restrictions on their new base building ability
  • Survival Mode- Challenging endurance experience that really ups the ante in terms of survival skills

No Man’s Sky had plenty of promise at launch. Literally a universe of possibilities was suggested. The game failed to deliver on its hype for many, but this Foundation Update may bring players back into the fold. It could prove to be the start of the journey for the game that appeared to be the biggest in history, towards the expectations that it set for itself.

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