The highly anticipated No Man’s Sky released this week and a day hasn’t gone by where I haven’t been asked the same trio of questions… “What’s it like? What do you think of it? Will I like it?” Although a bit overhyped by the fandom, not much was really known about the game amongst the gaming community. We’ve all had access to videos released by the developers and peaks at gameplay but no one really had an idea of what the experience was like in the long run. After logging a fair amount of hours, I’m hoping to shed some light on a key question… is No Man’s Sky for you?

Lack of Direction…In a Good Way

No Man’s sky gives you very little in direction and instruction. You’re given a quick run through in the beginning of the game on how to do a few key things with some pointers along the way as you have new experiences. But the game gives you just enough tools to go out, explore, make mistakes, and learn. This game is not about following a set path or tackling an overwhelming evil force. You’re alive, you have a ship and some tools and discovery is the fuel of your adventure.

To compare this game to Minecraft seems a little insulting, but a lot of the core ideas are the same. You play the game at your own pace, doing whatever you want and possibly ignoring the main objective all together if you’d like. This is where we begin to weed out players. If you are an objective driven person, this game will bore you in a matter of a couple of hours. But for those who want to be absorbed by a game, this game is an infinite playground.

Resource Management

Everything in No Man’s Sky requires resources. Your mining tool, life-support, spacecraft, weapons and on and on require a resource of some sort to keep functioning. This again will not appeal to a large group of gamers. But for those excited by managing resources, setting up your tools and inventory just right… I urge you to buy this game because the level of customization will always leave you wanting more. And you earn everything you own. No Man’s Sky gives no handouts. Scour the universe and play the way you want and be the cosmonaut you’ve always dreamed of being.

Multiple Ways to Play The Game

From what I can tell so far, there about 3 main ways you can play No Man’s Sky.


They’ll spend all of their time in search of the most valuable resources they can find. Once maxing out their inventory, flying to the nearest station and selling it for profit. You can also buy from the aliens that fly into the station, sometimes buying things below the market average and turning around and selling it for profit. This can be very fun for those driven by commerce. You won’t have to worry much about upgrading your multi-tool and ship because you can simply buy new ones that have the upgrades already installed.


You technically don’t ever have to land on a planet in No Man’s Sky. You can stay in space, hunting down stray caravans and taking all their loot. Walk into the nearest station and sell it all off and continue on. I would highly suggest you don’t go this route as you’ll be missing the best part of the game. But it is an option if being in a spaceship is more appealing than foot travel.


Adventurers are going to stay away from altercations and not spend much time gathering resources. They’ll gather what they need to keep their life support going and their ship fueled up enough to make it to the next waypoint. The big driving factor here is learning new languages and raising your relationship with the multiple alien races. You’ll learn a lot, see a lot of cool things in the hubs you find and the aliens you meet. This to me is the most rewarding way to play.

If any of the ideas above remotely appeal to you, this game is no doubt for you. But if you’re looking for direction and linear play, I would urge you to reconsider buying this game. More exciting things are planned for the game which will draw a larger crowd such as hub building and a form of multiplayer. But for now this is what we’ve got.

I hope this article helped you out on your decision to buy the game. We’re just getting started on our journey into space and hope to share more details in the future. Let us know how you’re fairing in the enormous galaxy in the comments below!

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