We need more of this One Piece. Give us more. How much money did this trailer cost?

One Piece: Burning Blood – Live Action Trailer

You need to watch this. I honestly honestly don’t care if you’re a fan of anime or not. This is a bold attempt at reeling in new customers and making current one piece lovers float with joy. The lightning, Luffy swinging in like Spiderluffy, the people in the background rooting for Luffy, all of it looks rad and very very expensive.

Namco Bandai…honest question: How much did this cost you? I mean, the effects, animation, people used, and again..the effects. One piece is and has been a very profitable manga producing great anime, great fun video games for years, and now this game “Burning Blood” which is a straight up fighting game minus the adventure. I am in no way doubting that any team producing this trailer had the funds to go all out but wow, you guys really went in. Kudos to you.

One Piece: Burning Blood is available for preorder now with some sweet DLC costumes included. The actual game will be released May 31st.

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