Adam Sandler’s Pixels opened this past Friday with some competition already at the Box Office. Pixels the latest movie starring Adam Sandler made $9.2M on Friday and dropped 8% with $8.45M on Saturday behind Marvel’s Ant-Man. Marvel’s Ant-Man increased with 36% with its second weekend at the box office.

Deadline reports, Pixels earned an A with the 18 under crowd is a good sign that most of the people that went and seen Pixels, 62% was under 25. 55% were guys, 32% of the ticket sales came from 3D showings.

Pixels finished with an estimate of $24M behind Marvel’s Ant-Man. Despite of what is reported by Deadline and any other critics; I wouldn’t mind seeing this movie. I like and enjoy quit a few of Adam Sandler’s movies. I wouldn’t mind seeing a Giant Pac-Man chase Adam Sandler and his co-starts through the streets. I wouldn’t mind seeing Adam Sandler battle Donkey Kong.

I grew up playing a lot of the games and have fond memories with the 8-bit characters in this movie. It looks fun and entertaining, but I guess it really didn’t grasp the attention with people like they thought it would.

Would you go and see this despite of what people say or, wait to rent it when it comes available?

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