Microsoft made several promises a couple months ago at E3, specifically with regard to their brand new Xbox One S. I heard a lot about it within the weeks following the Expo, but then the crowd kind of fizzled out. I was expecting there to be some sort of buzz once August rolled around, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.


Not many people are talking about the Xbox One because it’s decent – like, dangerously decent. I know that sounds weird, but hear me out on this one.



The Xbox One S delivers on the those promises I mentioned earlier. 4K Support, HDR video, and a new controller design. Besides other smaller improvements, that’s all they managed to pull off. Of course, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing – but, for example, Microsoft only increased the console’s GPU capabilities from 853 MHz to 914 MHz. For those who hate math, that’s only a 61 MHz difference.


Other small, but noticeable increases were observed, confirming that this is truly the console that Microsoft should have released 3 years ago. The massive power brick and it’s not being able to stand on its side are lesser issues, but still ones that matter. I would bet that if the Xbox One S was the Xbox One, it would have taken the world of console gaming by storm, taking the throne that Sony usurped.


People who have just purchased the Xbox One S (or received it early), are basically saying the same things – if you already have the One, then you don’t really need to bother with this new version. It would have been nice to have this in 2013, but unless you REALLY want to take advantage of your brand new $600 4K TV, you should probably just wait until the Scorpio comes out in 2017.


Our friends down at The Verge gave us this little run down on the new Xbox One S – check out the video below to find out even MORE information!




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