After days of ongoing news of what to expect for PlayerUknown’s Battlegrounds Xbox One version of the game, the studio behind the game (Bluehole) finally unveiled the release date for the highly popular game. Mark your calendars for December 12th, because that’s the day Xbox One users will finally get the chance to battle it out with 99 other players and assert dominance.

This version of the game won’t be a direct 1:1 port as many assume—not yet that is. One major difference players will notice on the Xbox One version is that the console version will not receive the upcoming “Desert” map. Developer of PUBG Brendan Greene has stated that there wasn’t yet a timeframe for when Xbox users will receive the new map—apart from that, he has stated that both versions are “essentially” the same game. This also means the game will include the new mechanic of vaulting and climbing, part of the new updated version 1.0 which as of this week is now being featured on the PC version.

Now with the upcoming Xbox One release of the game, let’s hope the PS4 version is right around the corner. As of now, Bluehole is only preoccupied with getting this upcoming new version of the game out first. PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is currently available on PC

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