Nintendo announced that next month 3DS owners will be receiving a new title vi its Virtual Console service, that game being Pokemon Crystal (3rd Generation). The title is set to hit the 3DS eShop store on January 26th, 2018 for the cost of $9.99 with added special features.

The new update refines and tweaks the gameplay and story (sort of), it’ll also introduce the choice of a playable female character. This new 3Ds version will be compatible with Pokemon Bank, which is a paid service that allows players to transfer Pokemon from older titles into newer titles. This means that all 29 mainline entries in the series can now transfer Pokemon all the way up to the recently released titles such as Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. This new 3DS version of Crystal will also allow you to encounter the legendary Pokemon Celebi in-game—it’ll also support the 3DS’s wireless communication feature where players can battle and trade with others.

And not to geek out or anything, but this is my favorite Pokemon game of all time, so the question is, WHY ISNT IT LAUNCHING ON THE SWITCH?!

Pokémon Crystal launches on the 3DS on January 26th.

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