Pokemon GO is receiving new content which consists of various new Pokemon as well with a brand new feature that signals real-time weather base on your location. In the next and upcoming update, the game will now reflect real-time weather and this will affect the Pokemon you’ll come across in your area, when it rains you’ll get more water-type creatures than usual, I assume when its nice and sunny you’ll receive more earth and green base pokemons—not sure where you’ll need to be for Fire-base Pokemon—it’s also confirmed that these Pokemon will obtain a higher CP.

As with the newly added Pokemon, 50 new Gen III Creatures are now ready to hit the app game. These new additions are all from the Hoenn region (Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire). Niantin Project Manager Matt Slemon has stated with an interview with Polygon “It was the first Pokémon game that introduced weather affecting the world itself. Hoenn was heavily influenced by the world around it, [and] we took all of that as pretty hefty inspiration”. The company is also working on an in-game holiday event sure to make its way to the app game soon.

Recently, Niantic introduced its upcoming original AR game titled Ingress as well and upcoming Harry Potter augmented reality mobile game that’s sure to sweep globally as Pokemon GO did last year.

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