Pokemon GO’s tracking has been sort of a mess. With the “3 step” tracking system at the start of the game working well, to them completely removing that function due to it being broken, Pokemon GO has never been too sure with what to do with its tracking.

For those of you that are new to the game, the “3 step” tracking system function by each Pokemon that was nearby having a certain number of footsteps next to them. If the Pokemon you were looking for had 3 steps next to it, it was quite far away, so if it only had one step, it was very close to you.

Not long after Niantic’s game came out, this system broke. All it did was show 3 steps for every single Pokemon – not matter how far away they were. This meant that you were nearly just walking around aimlessly hoping that you could find a Pokemon, however the feature that the closest Pokemon showed up first on the nearby radar still worked.

As of this feature being broken, many people resorted to using sites such as PokeVision and others to look for Pokemon. However, Niantic were not too happy about the websites tapping into their servers, so they took down those services quite quickly. You can find out more about the topic by looking at either of these articles:

Now, however, Niantic have finally made up for their bad tracking service with their latest update to Pokemon GO. The update dropped last night, and included a brand new way to search for Pokemon being tested.

Here’s some tweets from @ummjackson – Jackson Palmer – where he shares some screenshots of that new Pokemon GO tracker:

And a video showing the new update:

Let’s break it down. The “nearby” Pokemon are the ones that are hiding close to a Pokestop that is near you. If you tap these Pokemon, it will give you a zoomed out map showing you which Pokestop it is near (as shown on the video above). The “sightings”, however, are the Pokemon that are hiding in the wild, not near a Pokestop. These you will have to find by yourself as there is currently nothing that happens when you tap on them.

Overall, I think I may start playing Pokemon GO again, as it has a way of finding Pokemon without having to walk around aimlessly in hope that you will find one. I can’t wait for this update to be made public so everyone can try it and give their feedback.

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