If you pre-order The Taken King expansion you will receive the Suros Arsenal Pack, which includes exclsusive in-game items. It doesn’t matter which edition you pre-order you will get the Suros Arsenal Pack, earlier it was speculated that this would only be available if you pre-ordered a certain edition or if you pre-ordered through GameStop which is not the case.


The Suros Arsenal Pack is a group of five of items from one of the new foundries that will be introduced, as the name suggests the foundry will be called Suros. The bundle includes three weapons, the WSC-17 scout rifle, the PRR-11 auto rifle and BNS-13 pulse rifle. A shader and a emblem will also be included.


But wait theres more! you also get the¬†Vanguard Weapons Pack, which comes with a Vanguard-themed auto rifle, pulse rifle and sidearm. Don’t feel too special though both of these packs will be available for the folks who didn’t pre-order the game after january 1, 2016. Bummer. Check out the screenshot below for previews of the guns



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