Developer Arkane Studios and publisher Bethesda released a brand new video for their upcoming new game; Prey. The new video highlights both Weapons and Powers that are essential in completing the objective. As stated from Bethesda, the game offers you a grand arsenal to deploy against the Typhon threat, from a wide range of weapons, and mystical alien powers. These Powers and Weapons come with 24 different human upgrades and 20 unique alien powers + upgrades.

On the human side, the character Morgan Yus will be granted with his own abilities like; Hacking, Leverage, Repair, and Gunsmith. On the alien side—in order to receive mystical powers, you’ll need to have access to three distinct trees of Typhon-based abilities. Do note, there are risks when rewarding yourself with these powers, as you give into these powers the turrets on the station will view you hostile, and you will increasingly run the risk of being hunt down by the Nightmare Typhon.

Below is a full overview of Morgan Yus use of his Powers & Weapons, including their abilities. Also, check out below the newly released video that highlights the same.


Kinetic Blast (I, II and II)

Create a physical blast that deals up to 70 damage and pushes away anything within 5 meters of the targeted area.

Upgrade Kinetic Blast to increase the damage and push radius around the targeted area.

Lift Field (I and II)

Manipulate gravity to create a column of upward force up to 7 meters tall that last 15 seconds and can trap enemies.

Upgrade Lift Field to increase the height of the column.

Electrostatic Burst (I, II and III)

Create an electrostatic burst that deals up to 25 damage within 3 meters of the targeted area. Additionally, the burst disrupts electronic equipment, stuns robotic targets for 3 seconds, and stuns biological targets for 2 seconds.

Upgrade Electrostatic Burst to increase the damage and area of effect, as well as the stun periods for both robotic enemies and biological enemies.

Electrostatic Absorption

Absorb 50% of all electrical damage as psi points.

Electrostatic Resistance

Negate stun and take 50% less damage from electrical attacks and hazards.

Superthermal (I, II and III)

Create a trap of super-heated plasma that deals up to 80 fire damage within 4 meters when triggered.

Upgrade Superthermal to increase the damage and area of effect.

Thermal Resistance

Take 50% less damage from fire attacks and hazards.

Thermal Absorption

Absorb 50% of all fire damage as psi points.


Mimic Matter (I, II and III)

Camouflage yourself by taking the form of a nearby object. Movement is possible but may draw attention. Uses 2 psi per second.

Upgrade Mimic Matter to mimic more complex machinery, like turrets and Operator bots around Talos I.

Regeneration (I and II)

Regenerate up to 10 health immediately after taking damage.

Upgrade Regeneration to increase the amount of health you regenerate.

Phantom Shift (I and II)

Rapidly change position up to 6 meters away and leave behind a double that fools enemies for 4 seconds.

Upgrade Phantom Shift to increase the distance you move and the length of time your double distracts your enemies.

Ether Resistance

Take 50% less damage from ether attacks and hazards.

Ether Absorption

Absorb 50% of all ether damage at psi points.

Phantom Genesis (I and II)

Create a Phantom that will fight for you from a human corpse.

Upgrade Phantom Genesis to create a more powerful Phantom to fight for you. Phantom type is randomly determined.


Backlash (I, II and III)

Create a shield for 20 seconds, which prevents the next enemy attack from damaging you. Enemies that attack the shield are repelled.

Upgrade Backlash to increase the number of attacks the shield can block.

Fear Resistance

Reduce duration of fear effects by 25%.

Psychoshock (I, II and III)

Execute a direct psychic shock attack against biological targets for 45 damage and nullify psi abilities for 10 seconds.

Upgade Psychoshock to increase the amount of damage the attack does, as well as the amount of time psi abilities will be nullified.

Mindjack (I, II and III)

Force biological enemies to end hostilities and fight for you for up to 20 seconds. Also frees humans from Typhon mind control.

Upgrade Mindjack to increase the amount of time enemies will fight for you.

Remote Manipulation (I, II and III)

Use your mind to retrieve distant objects and interact with devices up to 10 meters away.

Upgrade Remote Manipulation to increase your range.


Machine Mind (I, II and III)

Force robotic enemies to end hostilities and fight for you for up to 30 seconds.

Upgrade Machine Mind to increase the amount of time hostile robotic enemies will fight for you.



Prey launches on  PS4, Xbox One, and PC on May 5, 2017. For the latest in Gaming News & Articles, check us out at our Official Twitter Page.

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