Many of you, I’m sure, have already seen at least some of Sony’s recently streamed Playstation Meeting. Of course, we all knew about the announcement of the highly anticipated PS4 ‘Neo’. While it didn’t receive this bad-ass name, the PS4 Pro did honor its promises of 4K capability, as well as an upgraded GPU. As for the PS4 slim…

…okay. I don’t want to offend any of you who happen to love the console’s design, but to me, it looks cheap and a little uninspired. I know it sounds foolish to call a video game console design “uninspired” like some hipster, but it’s one of the very few words I can use to describe it. I’m only speaking in regards to the design, as the Slim also calls for increased performance – which is awesome. Perhaps it’s the fact that the PS4 had such a sleek and neat look to begin with, so trying to improve on that must have been difficult. It just seems so plastic-y, you know? Or maybe, you don’t – take a look.




Check out the full conference here:


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